The Cornish Connection of Lower Michigan (CCLM) is a nonprofit organization based here in the Flint and Detroit metro areas of Michigan. Our purpose is to preserve and promote our Cornish history and heritage. The CCLM was formed in 1995 by descendants of Cornish immigrants. Many of our ancestors came to Michigan to work in the copper mines of the Upper Peninsula. Later, they began moving south to look for work in the auto industry.

You are Cornish if you or one of your ancestors comes from Cornwall. Cornwall is a Duchy in the United Kingdom, located in the southwestern part of England.

We encourage you to explore our site as there are many useful links for conducting research on your family, as well as for connecting with other Cornish descendants.

Announcement from the Cornish American Heritage Society:

Bucket List Trip!

Copper Coast Cornish Festival

Join us on the trip of a lifetime – Australia and New Zealand!
When: 25 April 2019 – 20 May 2019

We will visit Christchurch and Auckland, NZ as well as Sydney, Cairns, Ayers Rock and Melbourne. You can also join us going to the Copper Triangle in South Australia for the Kernewek Lowender, the largest Cornish festival in the world.

For detailed information about this trip, see this site

More about Kernewek Lowender

Cornish American Heritage Society contact for more information: cornishamericanhs@gmail.com


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