Bucket List Trip!

Copper Coast Cornish Festival

Join us on the trip of a lifetime – Australia and New Zealand!
When: 25 April 2019 – 20 May 2019

We will visit Christchurch and Auckland, NZ as well as Sydney, Cairns, Ayers Rock and Melbourne. You can also join us going to the Copper Triangle in South Australia for the Kernewek Lowender, the largest Cornish festival in the world.

For detailed information about this trip, see this site

More about Kernewek Lowender

Cornish American Heritage Society contact for more information: cornishamericanhs@gmail.com

If you can't make it to Australia...

Cornwall International Male Choral Festival

May is a perfect time to visit Cornwall. You have 'Obby 'Oss in Padstow, the Furry Dance in Helston. And in May 2019, you will also have this - 60 Male Voice Choirs, of all ages, numbering over 2,000 singers in 50 concerts at 40 different venues!

More about the Cornwall International Male Choral Festival

Gathering of Cornish Cousins

The biennial "Gathering of Cornish Cousins", sponsored by the Cornish American Heritage Society, takes place every two years near a place of Cornish settlement (if available) somewhere in North America. Talented speakers and performers from Cornwall and throughout North America bring their own expertise to share with the 300+ in attendance. From a weekend "Gathering" in 1982, the Gatherings now consist of four or five days of workshops, talks, music, singing, dance, a pasty picnic, Cornish church service, banquet, tours and various other activities.

The first "Gathering of Cornish Cousins" was held in suburban Detroit, Michigan in 1982. Enthusiastic Cornish descendants from all over the United States and Canada took part. There were talks, singing, a pasty dinner, lots of genealogical information exchanged, and support to organize a society to bring Cornish descendants from North America together.

18th Gathering attendees
Attendees from the 18th Gathering in Gold Hill, NC.

The 19th Gathering will take place in 2019, in Mineral Point, Wisconsin. Stay tuned for more details!

More Events

St. Piran's Day Lunch

St. Piran is the patron saint of Cornwall, and of tin miners. March 5th is St. Piran's Day, and we gather to enjoy a pasty, and connect with other Cornish annually to celebrate. Our annual pasty lunch is typically held either the Saturday prior to, or immediately after March 5th.

The 22nd Annual St. Piran’s Day Luncheon will take place on either the 3rd, or the 10th of March, 2018. Details will be announced very soon.

Kernewek Lowender

Kernewek Lowender in Cornish means “Cornish Happiness”.

Kernewek Lowender Incorporated was formed in 1972, after a group of local community minded people gathered with the mission of creating a festival to celebrate and revive their region’s significant Cornish festival.

The first Cornish festival was held in 1973 and was a success due to the support of then Premier Don Dunstan who offered a grant of $1,000 to help stage it. To the surprise and excitement of the volunteer organising committee, more than 15,000 people filled the Moonta oval for the first Fer Kernewek and a similar number went through the 18 room museum at Moonta Mines.

Local shop keepers didn’t really believe how many people would be filling their streets, pubs and churches for that first festival, and there was not sufficient flour to keep up with demand for the pasties and the local service station ran out of petrol. There’s the story of one guest having to go to hospital with a fish bone stuck in her throat after eating star gazy pie.

But the Cornish Festival was a hit, and put the Copper Triangle on the map. Every two years since, the Kernewek Lowender Copper Coast Cornish Festival has been held in the towns of Moonta, Wallaroo and Kadina.

The 2013 40th anniversary Kernewek Lowender Copper Coast Cornish Festival attracted an estimated 37,000 people from intrastate, interstate and overseas, and its record 43 event and 15 associated activities were a sell out.

Kernewek Lowender takes place every other year, on odd numbered years. The 2019 festival will be May 13-19 2019. Visit kernewek.org for more information.


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